Nothing outshines the sun

  • Нищо не блести по-силно от слънцето

Each hour the sun generates enough energy to supply world’s electricity needs for whole year


BCI Plc is an innovative, Bulgarian-German company, established as a company with investment purposes in the field of renewable energy sources, mainly in photovoltaic power plants.


The Increasing power consumption and global warming, increase the need of production for inexhaustible, clean energy. More recent and considerable consequences of climate change globally lead to carbon taxes, while investment in renewable energy is encouraged by priority connection of producers to the network, guaranteed period of compulsory purchase of electricity, preferential prices, shortened deadlines light regimes and financial support.


BCI JSC is perfectly positioned to exploit this new market trend. The company provides advantages and flexibility to meet the challenges of the local market in the implementation of different stages of investment projects until their commissioning. Cooperation with strategic partners ensure the successful implementation of major projects, reconciling experience, engineering, technical, scientific and financial potential. Our goal is to become one of the leading companies generating green energy in Bulgaria.



Renewable energy is now a must for a dependable and stable energy mix. BCI JSC has the resources and a qualified team of professionals with longstanding experience in the field you can rely on for implementing every stage of the projects – from acquiring all necessary permits and licenses, through the construction phase until commissioning. We'll be there for you every step of the way, on this project and the next ones.

Legal, technical and economic analysis of current legislation and estimation of future regulation changes

Identification and selection of plant sites, purchase/rent of real estate

Pre-project audits, marketing analysis and strategies in the area of RES

Investment management, business case development

Contacts with regulation authorities, consultation & support

Changing of the status of the land

Obtaining construction permits

Concluding the main electrical connection contract

Operation permit

Planning of the plant

Construction of the plant

Engineering services

Trial operation

Mains connection

Support for installation of additional services for the operation of the plant

Turnkey power plant

Every 3 days the sun delivers an energy equivalent to the world’s entire reserves of oil, coal and gas


Counting of photovoltaic energy, BCI JSC contributes to our sustainable economic and environmental development through the production of inexhaustible, green energy for a cleaner and more secure future.


Leading to our team is quality service to our partners, guaranteed by a deep understanding and knowledge of local structures, processes and related legal and technical requirements, as well as existing contacts with the regulatory authorities and established international investors.



BCI JSC is responsible for the construction of photovoltaic power plants with first-class technology, allowing optimum generating electricity while environmentally friendly.


An integral part of our business is caring for the environment and supporting the economic development of the communities where the projects are implemented, the realization of large-scale investments from which they earn in long run, including the opening of new jobs and training specialists for the purpose.


MWp installed power


installed photovoltaic pannels


households supplied with ECO clean energy


tons less harmful CO2 emissions per year


Photovoltaic power plant Kazanlak with installed peak capacity - 50 MWp

Solar power plant are now a must for a dependable energy mix, guaranteeing independence and environmental protection.


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